Sustainability Strategy

Our Values

  • Determination to Succeed and Become a Leader
  • Honesty
  • Customer Orientation
  • Individual initiative and responsibility
  • Faithfulness and loyalty
  • contribution to the community

Our Responsibilities towards our Customers

We have been working with a proactive approach on customer orientation, responding to the demands and needs of our customers as soon as possible at the right way. We have deliver and provide our services in due time and under the circumstances and conditions that we have promised; we approach to our customers within the framework of respect, honor, justice, equality and gentlemanlike.

Our Responsibilities towards our Personnel

We ensure that our personnel may use their personal rights in full and correctly. We approach to our personnel honestly and fairly and undertake to provide them a non-discriminative, safe and healthy working environment. We do our best to provide necessary environment for our personnel for their individual improvement; with the knowledge of social responsibility and we support them to be a volunteer to the social activities and we observe the balance between their business life and private life.

Our Responsibilities towards our Rivals

We compete effectively only in the legal and ethic fields; and we avoid unfair competition.

We support the efforts and studies towards ensuring the competitive structure aimed in the society.

Our Responsibility towards the Society and Humanity

Preservation of democracy, human rights, the environment; training and charity activities, elimination of crime and corruption are very important for us. With the knowledge of being a good citizen we act as pioneer and sensitively on social matters; and we try to take place and play role in non-governmental organizations, public benevolence services on these subjects at proper activities. We are sensitive to traditions and cultures of the countries that we carry out projects in Turkey and international projects. We cannot give and take any bribe or product and service any present and gift of a higher value than its normal price.